Over the years, a group of young talented drummers have been working hard to bring revolution to drumming in their locality and Nigeria in total.

D’ Damimic Dhromas have been a household name when it comes to drumming in Lagos and suburb. The name Damimic was derived from the word ‘’DA’’ $ ‘MIMIC’

‘DA’ means single or one while MIMIC means to imitate. These two words come together to form the word Damimic.

Therefore, the name Damimic also means a subject i.e Drum that imitate human through their specializes way of voicing or songs.

In view of being relevant and still displaying the aesthetic way and quality of the group,  the group has imbibed varieties in their activities such as Dancing,  orchestral, drama, narrating, drumming and what have you

The vision and mission was borne on how to drive people toward Christ even to the kingdom of God (heaven) because their mode of drumming is gospel I mean pure gospel

The group has developed numerous talking drummers in Western part of Africa (Nigeria)and they are doing good in their respective areas

The slogan of the group is ‘’its love’’ meaning the aim for love within the group members and to show or proclaim love in the society as our Lord Jesus Christ has done for us

Below are the brains behind D Damimic Dhromas:

Sam Corporate Ha-lu-lah: aka Mr smile

Sam Corporate Ha-lu-lah

Sam Corporate Ha-lu-lah is the founder and initiator of the Damimic Dhromas Family. He got the vision of D Damimic Dhromas and he defined the group to be gospel vibes as he caught the vision.

He has been a professional percussionist for 10 years, since then he has been a father and mentor to so many drummers in Nigeria and beyond

He is the lead talking drummer of D’ Damimic Dhromas and the coordinator of the group who has birthed many concept and ideas for the group performance.

He is a talented drummer who saw the need to build a squad of drummers in his neighbourhood and beyond and to drive them to Christ

He is a teacher, an instructor, music director, architect and  a student of Theater and Art in College of Education Ijanikin

Adeniji Abiola aka DON

domAbiola mostly called Don is a multi-talented drummer of our time. This young man can be a magician when he is on drum set while manipulating the drum sticks on snare and hi hat. He plays drum set for the group, a part from this, Don tries his hand on Talking drum, Omele, agogo and sekere to mention but a few and he’s a master of all

He’s a strategics , lover of music, actor and currently a student of  Theater and Art in College of Education Ijanikin

Ajayi Olalekan aka Lincoln:

Ajayi Olalekan

Lincoln as mostly called is a member of Daminic Dhromas Family. A young and passionate talking drummer. He developed interest in drumming the first time he met the members of the group performed and since then he has been an ardent member of the group. He plays talking drum (backup), agogo, omele and sekere for the group

He’s a writer, a blogger, he’s currently a Mass Communication student in National Open University of Nigeria

Lawal Oluwatomisin aka Queen Unique:

Lawal Oluwatomisin

In the field mostly dominated by men, Queen Unique has proved to be versatile and a promising drummer as a Damimic Drummer. She plays Omele for the group. Also , she is a dancer and a music  composer

She studied Science Laboratory at Gateway Polytechnic Sapade, Ogun state

Odeyale Tunde aka T Exclusive:

Odeyale Tunde

T. Exclusive as called by the members of the group is a talented drummer, a sharp mind and a resourceful individual in the group. T exclusive has proved to be a bright drummer as a member of the group. He plays talking drum (backup), narrate stories and act for the group.

He studied Computer Science at the Lagos State Polytechnic

Adebisi Abikoye aka Gorgeous:

Adebisi Abikoye

Adebisi is a versatile drummer and a multi-dimensional individual in the group who has proven himself to be an exceptional person in the field of drumming and other aspect.

Abikoye plays Omele for the group, he mimics, `he is a narrator, dance instructor, an actor and a model

A part from playing drums, he tries his hand also on Base Guitar, gong, sekere and cord

He is a Mass Communication student in Kwara state Polytechnic


Adegbite Gbenga aka Onile

Onile is a prolific member of Damimic Dhromas Family who has proved himself beyond reasonable doubt in the field of playing talking drum within and outside Lagos.

He plays talking drum for the group and tries his hands on Omele, Gong and Sekere, He also holds the position of PRO in the group

He studied Financial Accounting in Lagos State Polytechnic


Adepoju Segun aka Segoma

Segoma is a promising drummer who has improved his skills in drumming being a member of Damimic Drummers Family. He has been a member of the group over a year ago and within the short period of time, he has been able to demonstrate his prowess and agility in the field of drumming

He plays Cord for the group, he also sings and narrate stories. He currently holds the positing of stage manager in the group

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