The rate of juvenile delinquency at this present moment is at the alarming rate. Crime is increasing every day and our society is not running as it supposed to be
I tried to carry out my own findings and I realized that the major cause of the societal problems we are having this present moment comes from the family.
The family is the major societal factor that can influence the child positively or otherwise. Psychologist will say that children learn faster through imitations and the first teachers are the parents

Waywardness is not limited to youths this time around, even teenagers are more deadly than you could imagine.

The influence of parent over their children is enormous which cannot be done without.
It will be hard for a smoker to tell his child that smoking is not good for the body whereas he kept on smoking in the presence of the child every time.
The effect of broken home over the children is also a great factor. A child is supposed to be brought us by both parent but when one hand is missing, then the order cannot perform adequately well unlike when there is unity between them.
Also the issue of domestic violence is a contributing factor. No one will grow up in a family where the wife is acting as a mother as well as a punching bag for the husband and the children won’t turn again and imitate the father in future.


There are ways in which people can train up their children and they will see the vivid effect on them. I remember the carrot and stick approach i.e the policy that refers to combination of rewards and punishment to induce behavior.


I don’t see the reason why  parents should engage in hard ways in discipline their children every time they go wrong after all, no one is above mistake.
How many times have you ever sit down with your children to discuss issues, laugh together, smile and even make jokes? These are ways you will imbibe respect in your children rather than fear. Respect is totally different from fear. Your child can fear you because of your hard ways on them and the beatings you give them for just few mistakes. Do you know that after much beating and punishments the child will be used to it that he would say ‘’ after everything I do, they will only beat me’’ respect is when they act in your absence and they caution themselves as if you are there.
When you talk to your children and chastise them through your words, when they remember, they won’t like to do what they are being rebuked for.

I didn’t say spanking your children is not good, after all the bible says ‘’ Folly is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline will drive it far away. Prov. 22v15. But there are certain stages where spanking won’t work again but words will do that.

Also, it is important to make it known that parents are making lots of mistakes in aspect of chauvinism i.e. saying one sex is better than others for example father to prefer the boys/girls vice versa even in the same family.
When you make your own children feel inferior to their siblings how do you want them to react in the society, what seed are you planting in them?
On a final note, I will categorically state that the way you bring up your child is the way he will go so don’t blame the society. The society itself is bad and the society cannot teach you anything good, it is you that will make the difference
Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverb 22v6

My Thought: Ajayi Olalekan

Ajayi Olalekan is a young writer and who likes a deep thought on issues surrounding us. He is also a passionate drummer